I truly do believe in the saying 3rd time is a charm and I hope that this time is the right one. I’ve tried more than once to commit to a blog but always found a reason not to. Probably had to do with a lack of direction and a little bit of fear to put myself out there.

So will not make any promises, but I will try to keep up and not drop the ball along the way. I decided to try blogging about 4 years ago when I left for my first major trip and I was hellbent on sharing everything in a linear way, that’s probably why I stopped… It’s a lot of work to try to keep up regularly especially when you are constantly moving around. So I have decided to post things as they come to me from now on.

I am currently based in Toronto and don’t really think that I will pack up and leave again, the way I did the first time but I still intend to roam around as much as I can. The idea here is to share with my travel adventures, pictures and thoughts about things… will see what strikes my mood once we get there. Thank you for joining in and I hope you enjoy the ride!

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