Love letter to my inner self

Today is celebratory day, you are lucky enough to see another sunrise, lucky enough to add another year to your life, lucky enough to see yourself transform into the person you always were deep down but were afraid to show to the world. The journey up to this point was not always easy. You faltered,... Continue Reading →

Trinidad – El Cubano National Park

After 1,5 day spent in Cienfuegos, I took a taxi collectivo heading to Trinidad. Javier, a guy I met upon my arrival in Cienfuegos is the one who handled my transportation and even my stay in Trinidad. After almost 2 hours I got to Trinidad, in the early afternoon, where Yolanda the owner of my... Continue Reading →

That time I almost missed Cuba

In 2016, after a year abroad I went back home only to realize that I wanted to leave again. The final destination would be Canada but I had a couple of stops planned first: Cuba and Mexico. After several months of wait and preparation July 10th 2017 finally came and it was time for me... Continue Reading →

Fàilte Dùn Èideann

A few years ago, I came up with my very own tradition: going on different trips for my birthday. In 2017 Edinburgh ended up being the destination of choice. The initial plan was to try something new, more specifically Liechtenstein but well the heart wants what it wants and I ended up going back to... Continue Reading →

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